About us


David Alder 2001 Ltd are dedicated compressed air specialists that specialise in sales & service of Airtools, Compressors, Spray painting equipment and Airline fittings.

The main differance is we import direct from the leading manufactures so we can carry parts and are able to complete repairs in a timely fashion.


We have spent the last 20+ years importing direct from the manufacturers from all over the world top quality air tools and spray equipment as well as spare parts to prolong & protect your investment.

With leading manufacturers such as Dynabrade U.S.A, Binks & DeVilbiss USA/U.K, DropOut Filters U.K, Gison airtools, Meiji spray guns Japan,rtc air coupling technologes, NKC Hi-Flo nitto air line fittings Japan & YD Spray guns you will be confident that you are buying the lastest most economical tool for the task at hand.

We are fully qualified air tool technicians that offer a full in house repairs, parts and after sales service.

Our company was established in the 1970's by David Alder and has been servicing New Zealand industry nationwide ever since. Including Furniture, Engineering, Marine, Building, Automotive, Dental, Military & Manufacturing Sectors.


What are the advantages of using an air tool over an electric tool?

The primary advantages of using an air tool include durability and a lighter weight, compact design. Air motors rarely break down suddenly. They usually wear slowly, allowing for easy maintenance planning. Air motors run cool while the windings in an electric motor heat up, leading to tool failure and required maintenance.


 Maintenance Guide