Dynabrade 6" Vac Multi Hole Pad 54339

54339 6" Multi-Hole Vac. Pad, Hook Face, Medium

$52.00 GST excl.


Exclusive single-piece hub design reduces pad vibration and ensures smooth performance.


This multi-hole velcro pad can fit all leading brands of air sander.


Perfectly Weight-Mated for EXTREME Finishes the First Time


 150mm 6+6+1 Back Up Pad


*Will accept

6+1 abrasives

6+6+1 abrasives

Mesh abrasives


Weight-Mated  for reduced vibration and consistent finishes

Single-Piece Hub  Precise machining reduces pad vibration

Vacuum Hub  Direct path for dust/debris extraction

Multi-Hole Pad  Channels dust/debris to center for capture