National Detroit ND600 Straight Line Sander

National Detroit ND600 Straight Line Sander


Made in the U.S.A this heavy-duty straight line air sander features an all-metal body

with intergral palm actuated on/off control. Plus the model 600 has a built-in water spray system.

Paper holders allow for quick paper change.

This single pad line sander will provide a better finish and boost production.


Applications Include:

Wet Sanding, Rubbing, Polishing

Finish Blending On Stainless Steel


Weight   5lbs. 6oz

Stroke   5/16"

Speed   3,200 strokes/min

Air Pressure   60 to 100psi

Air Consumption   7 cfm(2.3 average scfm)

Abrasive area

Paper size   3-2/3" x 9"

Air Inlet   1/4"bsp