Binks Gravity Spray Gun M1-G

Binks Gravity Spray Gun M1-G

Binks Gravity Spray Gun


Set up 94/93P 1.4mm


The M1-G HVLP gravity feed spray gun not only complies with all air quality regulations, but also will atomize and spray as quickly as a conventional air spray gun. An innovative low volume air nozzle designed specifically for automotive OEM and industrial use allows the M1-G to spray basecoats, clear coats, waterbornes, and high solids at fast application speeds with material savings of up to 50%. This comfortably light, superbly balanced spray gun is easy to operate and smooth to trigger with only 18lbs. of inlet pressure required. M1-G employs a unique long lasting self-adjusting cartridge packing for simple replacement.


Name: M1-G
Part Number:
Gun Category: HVLP
Gun Type:
Cup:  1 Liter Aluminum Gravity
Fluid Passages:
Stainless Steel
Air Inlet: ¼” NPS (m)
21.9 oz
Drop-Forged Aluminum
Repair Kits:
M1-G (54-4367)